Paper rolls are used in printers that generate receipts for cash registers and credit card machines. Such printers commonly use thermal paper rolls for receipts. Some manufacturers add color stripes to receipt paper near the end of a roll to warn the operator that the paper is running out. Receipt printers are designed to be user-friendly with instructional diagrams for roll replacement inside the paper compartments.

Step 1.

Open the paper cover lid. Press the latch to release the cover on printers with latched lids.

Step 2.

Remove the used paper roll. Rip the receipt paper between the roll and the paper dispenser inside the printer. Press the "Paper Feed" button to force the unused receipt paper through the dispenser and remove it from the cutter.

Step 3.

Rip the outside paper away from a new thermal paper roll. Remove all paper from around the outside of the roll that has gum or glue on it.

Step 4.

Remove the spindle from the used roll and place it in the new roll. Place the new roll into the printer with the spindle in the side supports. Refer to the diagram inside the compartment to see if the paper should come off the top of the roll or the bottom.

Step 5.

Pull some of the paper away from the roll and slip it into the guides in front of the feeder. Press the feed button until blank receipt paper is coming out of the cutter. Close the cover lid and rip the excess thermal paper off at the cutter.