How to Decorate for a Vendor Show or Craft Fair

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For many artists and crafters, vendor shows and craft fairs are important business functions. They introduce products to potential buyers and create a following in the industry. As you prepare a booth or table for a show, design a layout that puts the focus on your products. Your decorative elements should all conspire to show off the craftsmanship, design and details of your pieces to draw customers in.

Cover your tables or counters with fabric. Use material in a color and texture that complements your crafts but doesn't overshadow them; look for fabric that sets the tone of the booth. Lay the material out so it covers the edge of the table but does not brush the floor where customers might trip on it.

Create a three-dimensional experience in the booth by making levels to display your crafts. Put boxes swathed in fabric on tables. Build shelves around the interior of the booth to display products at different heights. Show your pieces in a way that demonstrates how they should be used; if you have hanging pieces, install dowels or curtain rods around the edge of the booth to hang them instead of laying them on the table.

Put up lighting that shows off your crafts to their best advantage. Use spotlights clipped to the top of the booth for dramatic lighting. You can also select lights that complement the mood of the booth; for a homey look, for example, use floor lamps. Arrange lights that illuminate the details of each piece, particularly if your work is intricate or the pieces are very small.

Add decorative touches that further your business objectives. Put out simple but decorative trays to display smaller pieces, such as a silver plate with embossed edging. Use a complementary box at the front of the booth to show off your business cards. If your booth is centered around comforting items that bring the feeling of home, you can also put out a tray of fresh cookies for an extra touch to draw customers in.

Finish the booth decorations with a large banner and assorted signs. Hang the banner from the top of the booth so customers can see it even from across the room. Use one that has your name and a brief description of your products. Reinforce your brand and business name by placing small signs around the booth.