People conduct surveys for numerous reasons. For example, businesses may want to launch a new product or service and may need a market analysis to see if there is a need or audience. These survey results are an important aspect of the report, and it should include background information, a break-down of the results and your conclusion.

Step 1.

Create an introduction to explain why you conducted the research, and list the factors to give your audience a better understanding of why the survey was conducted. Document the goals and objectives you hoped to achieve through this survey.

Step 2.

Specify how data was collected for the survey. Was the information captured online, over the telephone or was it a paper-based survey? Also include who and how many people it was sent to, in addition to how the evaluation was conducted.

Step 3.

Describe your results and bring to attention the key points that were uncovered in your results. Summarize your results in brief statements and include your conclusions from these findings. Your conclusion and recommendations should be based upon your survey results.