How to Get Small Business Grants for Disabled People

As a disabled person looking to start a business, you may be able to get grants to jump start your business. Small business grants for disabled people are money provided by the government for free without the need to pay it back. This makes grants superior to business loans since business loans require payback of the principal along with interest. The only downside of trying to get a grant is that usually they are very limited so competition is very high.

To apply for small business grants for disabled people, make a business plan detailing how you plan on running your business. Your grantors want to see that you have a sound business plan before they give you any money. They want to be sure that the money is going towards a good purpose.

Check out for a wide variety of small business grants for people with disabilities. This site has all the grants the government makes available. You'll have to search for the particular grant that suits you.

Look outside of the government for small business grants for disabled people. Non-profit organizations also give grants. You can find some of these organizations from your local chamber of commerce.

Look for small business grants through your state government or local government. Your state or city may provide small business grants specific to your area.

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