Having a policy and procedure manual online allows any employee to view policies and procedures at any time without having to worry about recent updates. The compay avoids printing several paper copies as needed for different departments. The first step is to write the policy and procedure manual and the next is to create a free account with Google Docs, a web-based interface that allows a member to upload documents and share them with others. Then upload the document and set the permission levels of those able to view the document.

Things You Will Need
  • Word processing software installed on a PC

  • Internet connection

  • Email address

Step 1.

Open a new document in your word processing software application. Briefly outline what contents need to be included in the policy and procedure manual. You can break down the manual by department and then by task in each department. Be sure to include contact information for key staff members in charge of each department. Format and proofread the document. Save your work.

Step 2.

Log onto the Internet and visit google.docs.com. Create an account using a designated work email address with a password that contains letters and numbers. Check your email for the confirmation email from Google with information about your new account and click on the confirmation link in the email to complete the account process.

Step 3.

Sign back into your newly created account. Click on “Upload document” near the menu choices on the left. A new window will appear with two sections in it. The left hand bar shows your desktop or the files on your hard drive, depending on how you have it set up. Use the arrow icons on the top of the window to navigate to where you saved the policy and procedure manual. Click on the policy and procedure manual file to make it show up in the “File name” box. Click “Open.” Google docs will show you a status bar on when the upload is completed.

Step 4.

Click on “Back to manage documents.” Click the empty check box next to the newly uploaded Policy and Procedure Manual.

Step 5.

Click on “Share document” in the toolbar above the manual. This will open another small box where you can enter the email addresses of those who you want to have permission to view or edit the document. Unless your supervisor has told you differently, choose “View” for right now. When you click “Invite,” it will send out a new email to those you listed letting them know there is a new document they can view. You now have a complete online policy and procedure manual.


You can customize the settings by playing with permission and notification levels. If you want, Google Docs can inform those you invite each time a change is made to the document. This lets your co-workers know there is an updated version eady to view. Alternatively, Google Docs also provides a link from the main page to share your document as a permanent web link, which might make it easier to distribute to larger amounts of people and could eliminate you having to update permissions levels on a daily basis.


Do not share the Google Docs password with anyone you do not want to have access to make changes in the account.