How to Create an Availability Schedule

by Foye Robinson ; Updated September 26, 2017
You can create individual or team availabilty schedules.

An availability schedule is a calendar that shows the dates someone is available. You can use an availability schedule to coordinate your staff’s work schedule. To save time, you can add information you use frequently on the schedule as well, such as a person’s phone number, email address and work preferences. You can create a separate schedule for each member of your team or a combined list for the entire team in a document or spreadsheet.

Create a weekly availability schedule by opening a blank document.

Add a title to the top of the page, such as: "Staff Availability Schedule," then bold and center it.

Enter, bold and center a generic text on the next line as follows: “Week of ****__.”

Double-space and type in a brief instruction that states how the schedule will be used. For example: "Place an X by dates staff cannot work.” Bold and center the text and press “Enter.”

Insert a table containing eight columns and enough rows for each team member.

Enter the following text in bold as column headings: “Staff’s Names,” “Sunday,” “Monday,” “Tuesday,” etc.

Go to the first column of the second row and type in your staff member's name. Then go down to the next rows and add in the remaining names of the members of your staff. Bold the column containing the names.

Place an “X” inside the squares on the days the staff cannot work.

Save and print the schedule for your records.


  • You can update the schedule weekly and rename the file.

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