How to Get Paid to Advertise on the Internet

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Some of the most successful entrepreneurs in the world realize that one of the best ways to get wealthy is to have money rolling in every day. If you can somehow set it up so that money is rolling in while you sleep, you can spend your days focusing on other things. One way to start the ball rolling is to get paid to advertise. At one time limited to media outlets and billboard companies, advertising in the internet era has leveled the playing field. Anyone who can set up a website or build followers on social media can get paid to promote products – it’s just a matter of choosing what you’ll promote and how you’ll promote it.

Online Advertising for Bloggers

If you want to make money advertising for companies, the first step is to set up an online presence. Think of this as erecting a billboard that companies will later consider a valuable marketing tool. You can easily purchase a domain name and set up a website for free on a site like WordPress. You’ll need to create a blog and populate it with engaging, useful content. The goal is to have a large enough following that businesses will see your site as a great place to advertise.

Once your blog is in place, you can begin making money by simply linking to products on your blog posts. Google “affiliate marketing” followed by a word that describes your niche. Yes, you will need a niche, whether it’s book reviews, music, movies, beauty products or another area of interest. Start populating your content with links to those items and work hard to continue to grow your audience and create compelling content that will make readers want to click over.

Get Paid for Ads as an Influencer

You don’t have to be a blogger to get paid to advertise online. There are businesses across the globe looking for influencers to recommend their products. Popular members on sites like YouTube, Snapchat, Instagram and Twitter become celebrities thanks, in large part, to their interesting posts. The follower base they build is a hot commodity for brands. Just one recommendation can push sales higher than millions of dollars in traditional advertising.

Building that follower base is the biggest challenge, though. You won’t get tens of thousands of followers overnight, and there’s no way to control who pays attention to your content. The only thing you can do is make it as interesting as possible and engage with others until they click over to see what you’re all about. Once you have an audience base, you can reach out to companies and offer to promote their products. However, you’ll probably find that you’re fielding multiple offers from businesses on an ongoing basis as your follower numbers climb.

Some of the most well-known influencers today include Kim Kardashian, Mark Fischbach (Markiplier), Dan Middleton (DanTDM), Tom Riles and Denene Millner. They run the gamut from YouTube gamers and authors to rich celebrities. The one thing they all have in common is their huge online following.