How to Start a Dog Biscuit Business

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Dog owners buy dog biscuits for their pets to reward them for good behavior, to help with tartar control, and also just to treat their beloved pets. As pet owners become more knowledgeable about pet nutrition and the side effects of low- quality pet food ingredients, they will welcome new sources of high-quality dog treats. With the proper preparation and planning, you can start a dog biscuit business that will successfully cater to pooches and their care givers.

Choose a name for your business. Apply for a business license, sales tax number, and food permit certification through your local Small Business Administration. Obtain a small business liability insurance policy.

Make samples of the dog biscuit recipes you want to use for your business. Give out samples to test groups and get feedback: Which biscuits do the dogs like best? What are their owners' reactions concerning ingredients, appearance, pricing, and packaging?

Adjust the recipes if necessary and test again. Repeat until you have a line of dog biscuits that reflects the preferences and suggestions of the test groups.

Market your products locally to people you know and at craft fairs, pet stores, and veterinarians' offices. Present your business with professionalism, and show a strong knowledge of your products.

Create an online presence for your company by selling your products on established marketplaces such as EBay, Etsy and other handmade marketplaces, or online stores. Market your business online making use of social networking sites such as Facebook and Twitter, using paid advertising, and staying active in pet-related forums and social group websites. This creates a presence for your business that will grow over time as you develop your marketing skills.

Consider how you can be continually expanding your business with new ideas and products. Hold contest drawings and offer prizes so you can build a customer list from the names of people who enter the contest; make up gift boxes or baskets and market to retail stores.


  • Consider what angle you will use in marketing your business such as eco-friendly, organic, or all-natural dog biscuit recipes. Study and learn about the nutritional requirements of different dog breeds and create recipes that will meet those needs. Expand to treats for other animals such as cats.


  • It is important that your cooking facilities meet the requirements necessary to produce products for sale. Many states require special permits and licenses to sell prepared food products, require commercial kitchens for food preperation, and may have certain regulations locally or state-wide concerning mailing food products. Check with your local Small Businss Administration for assistance in learning your local area's requirements.