How to Write Recommendation Letters for a Business

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Whether you’re providing proof that a business is creditworthy or vouching for the quality of its products and level of customer service, it’s important that you compose a concise, well-written recommendation letter. The recommendation letter should include the reason you're recommending the business, how long you’ve been familiar with the business and its owners, as well as a thorough explanation why you’d recommend the business to another business or to a customer.

Format your letter appropriately. Use a standard block format to create your recommendation letter for a business. The text should be left-justified and include five basic sections including the date, your address, the recipient’s address, a salutation, the body copy and a signature. Use a single space between each section.

Determine the audience of your letter. You can write a recommendation letter for a business suggesting its services to a consumer or to a fellow business owner. Customers and business owners have different needs, so alter your approach accordingly.

Explain your relationship with the business you’re recommending by detailing previous business dealings. Discuss positive experiences you’ve had with the company and highlight its strengths. If there’s something unique about the business, like low prices or superior customer service, include that in your recommendation letter. Include the number of years you’ve done business together and how long you’ve known the business owner. If you and the business owner are a part of any of the same organizations or business committees, detail that information as well.

Include your contact information. Businesses and customers may want to follow up with you to ask specific questions that you didn’t explore in your original letter. List your phone number and email address and if you have a preferred method of contact.

Enclose samples of work completed by the business you’re recommending, if applicable. For example, if you’re a customer recommending a kitchen remodeling business to people in your neighborhood, enclose before and after photos that will give potential customers a better idea of the level of work the company completed for you. If you’re a business recommending a graphic designer to another business, include samples of the marketing material the designer created for your company.

Give the business you are recommending a copy of your recommendation letter so they can keep it on file.


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