Mary Kay Cosmetics, a large cosmetic and skin care company, provides an opportunity for individuals to profit from the sale of their products. Once you become a consultant with Mary Kay Cosmetics, you can begin sharing your passion for the products with your friends and family, and generate some of your own money via sales. It's not always as easy as it sounds, though. Don't go into this direct sale business blind. Following specific tips can put you in the front seat to success with Mary Kay Cosmetics.

Get Signed Up

Getting signed up is the first step. If you have a friend, family member or acquaintance that sells Mary Kay Cosmetics, you may want to sign up as a consultant under them. If you don't know anyone who currently sells these products, go to the Mary Kay Cosmetics website and click "sign up" to be matched with someone in your area. Once you sign up, your starter kit will be mailed to you. Inside the kit, you'll find full-sized products for demonstration, samples, DVDs with successful sales tips, brochures, offers and savings.

Knowledge Is Power

When you head into a direct sales company like Mary Kay Cosmetics, it's easy to assume that since you have the products people will flock to you. Unfortunately, that's not the case. You must learn all about the products you're selling and professionally promote them. When hosting a party, instead of drawing a blank when someone asks you a question about a specific product, you will know the answer by studying all you can. The company provides materials about the products, but it's up to the consultant to take the time to absorb the information.

Recruit Others to Sell Under You

Of course, sales are going to bring in some cash for you. But recruiting people and having them make sales under you will add to the profit you make. You will make a percentage of the sales these recruits make. So, how do you recruit these people? Look to your family and friends first to see if any would be interested in running their own business alongside yours. Decide who would be passionate about the business, then go to them first. The trick is never to sound "sales-y" when trying to recruit people. By doing so, you will just turn them away. Rather, show your enthusiasm for the products, and people will naturally be curious.

Use Marketing to Your Advantage

Facebook and other social media are great tools for connecting with others about your products. For example, post a photo of yourself wearing your favorite products and gush about the products, but in such a way that doesn't come across as pushy. Over time, people will see your posts and be interested in what you're showing off. Building a website helps promote your business; someone who searches for Mary Kay Cosmetics and comes across your website could become a new customer. Additionally, you should always take advantage of community events and women's expos as they are places where you can set display your products for everyone to see. You may even land some customers or recruits at these events. When using marketing, make sure you always stay within compliance of Mary Kay Cosmetics rules, which can be found on the back office of the Mary Kay Cosmetics website.