One of the first contacts prospective employees have with a business is typically the application form. People seeking employment from your company will generally stop by your business and ask for an application form. Design your forms to represent your business. It is important that your application form is easy to fill out and contains necessary information so that you can make an informed decision of who to hire.

Things You Will Need
  • Word processor

  • Printer

  • Copier

Step 1.

Begin the application form with lines for potential applicants to fill in their names and contact information. Include one line to list the applicant's name and another to list the applicant's home address. Underneath these, include lines for the applicant's email address and telephone number.

Step 2.

Use a checklist with "yes" or "no" options for routine information. Examples include whether an applicant is able to work in the United States or whether the applicant has a driver's license. Include a line for the applicant to fill in the license number.

Step 3.

Ask the applicant to detail his education experience. You can use a table for this. Label the rows of the table "high school," "college or university," "graduate school." Include space in the rows for the applicant to fill in the proper information. Next, include columns detailing when the applicant attended the schools, what the applicant's GPA was, and what the applicant majored or specialized in; include space for the applicant to fill in the information.

Step 4.

Include a third section asking the applicant to fill in her employment history. Include lines for the applicant to fill in the name of the employer, the dates the applicant worked for the employer, whether the employment was full- or part-time, and what the applicant was paid. Next, include space for the applicant to list duties she conducted at work. Include instructions for the applicant to attach a new page if she needs additional space.

Step 5.

Include space asking questions specific to your business. For example, consider asking the applicant to include a personal statement as to why he wishes to work for you. Or include space regarding special qualifications or licenses you require and ask whether or not the applicant has them (such as commercial driver licenses or CPA certification).


Keep the application form short and to the point and be careful to make every question relevant to the position you are trying to fill.