Part if being in business with someone is to demonstrate that you appreciate her loyalty. When you thank a customer for her business, you are doing a professional courtesy that is often appreciated, but it is important to remember that thanking a customer for a current order may not be the time to ask for the next order. Thanking a customer for an order and asking for the next order in the same step may seem ungrateful. That is why it is important for business people to know how to thank customers for their business.

Things You Will Need
  • Pen

  • Professional stationery or letterhead

  • Business card

Step 1.

Write a personal thank you note on the invoice when the customer either picks up the order, or when the order ships. A very concise "thank you for your order" is sufficient. Do not put any of your contact information or recommend any up sells when you write your note. The time for up-selling was when you were taking the order.

Step 2.

Call the customer two weeks after the product has shipped to make sure he received it, and ask if he has any problems with the product or questions. If there are any issues with the shipping or product then handle them. At the end of the call, thank the customer for the order.

Step 3.

Send recurring customers a thank you card at the end of each quarter. Include your business card and a hand-written note thanking the customer for the business over the last quarter.

Step 4.

Create a rewards program for recurring customers that allows them to receive a free thank you gift after a doing a pre-determined amount of business with you. Along with the free gift, also send them a thank you card with a hand-written note and your business card.

Step 5.

During the winter holidays, send a holiday wishes card with a hand-written thank you note. Make sure the card is as generic as possible as you do not want to offend any of your customers who may have a variety of religious views.


Use thank you cards as a reason to call customers about new products and business opportunities. However, do not include any new product mentions in with your thank you cards. If you try to use thank you cards as an advertising medium, they lose their sentiment with your customers.