How to Create an Invoice for Daycare

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Small or home-based businesses, such as daycare centers, often neglect to approach the transaction part of their operations in a formal way. As a result, they end up in needless disputes about monies due for services rendered. You can easily create an invoice for your daycare that will both ensure cash flow is timely and demonstrate the company’s professional operations. There are numerous websites that sell invoice templates, but you can create your own for free.

Creating a Daycare Invoice

Use a computer software program, such as Microsoft Office Suite, to quickly create a professional-looking formal invoice for your business. Microsoft has a variety of ready-to-use templates under the “New Office Document” tab under Programs at the Startup Menu.

Use the Excel document template called “Sales Invoice." You can easily print the blank document and complete it by hand. For a more professional look, however, complete the document on the computer by inserting information into the blank data fields. Position your mouse appropriately, right-click to reveal the field box, and insert the information.

Complete only those form fields that are relevant to your business. Don’t feel as if you have to fill in every single blank. If you don't need them, leave them blank. One field you should use is “Invoice Number.” Get in the habit of using invoice numbers to differentiate your customers and individual invoices.

Include your daycare center’s name and address in the field provided for this information. If you have a business logo, use it to make your invoice look even more official.

Insert information for your company in the blank data fields called “Sales Invoice." Complete the fields for the customer’s information using the parent’s name and address, not the child’s. Under "Description," provide as much information as needed for your customer to be comfortable with the factualness of the invoice. Use language such as “Daycare Services for Baby Johnson, week of January 16, 2000.”

Include the exact dates of service covered by the invoice, as well as the agreed-upon fee terms. The form will allow you to specify a quantity. This might be the number of weeks or hours covered by the invoice. The fee rate should be inserted in the “Unit Price” field. When numbers are inserted into both of those fields, Excel will automatically calculate the Total Cost.

Itemize any additional relevant charges, such as meals or late fees. Include the appropriate city and state tax. You may need to calculate the tax yourself. Include it in the Total column on the form. The program will add all the numbers and provide a grand total of the amount due. Print your invoices and distribute them in a timely fashion.