How to Get Lawn Mowing Customers

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A lawn mowing business should be prepared to attract new customers during the hot weather months, which is the time when business will be the greatest. However, lawn mowers have a unique dilemma in that many consumers either already mow grass alone or have a dedicated lawn care company. There are several unique ways to get lawn mowing customers, whether you are just starting out or are an experienced company.

Create a name for your lawn mowing business if you don't already have one. Consider registering the name with your state so that you'll have an official business name in which you can accept payment from customers. This name for your lawn mowing business is also important for branding purposes so that potential customers will remember you and know what services you offer.

Join professional organizations to lend to your credibility as a business. The Professional Lawn Care Network (PLANET) is the member organization for all lawn care professionals, and its member logo can be used as your endorsement. Seek out memberships in other state or local organizations; find out how others acquire customers by attending meetings and asking other members.

Create yard signs and place them on your personal lawn as well as on the lawns of your customers. A good yard sign should include a logo graphic of your lawn mowing business, your business name as well as contact information such as telephone number.

Offer one free yard mow to your friends, neighbors, and associates in exchange for free word-of-mouth and yard sign advertising. These individuals may become your permanent customers if they like the job you did. Brainstorm other discounts or special incentives you could offer to help acquire an initial customer base.

Advertise your lawn mowing business through traditional paid advertising outlets to get your business name seen. Use yellow pages and newspaper advertising, as well as television and possibly radio advertising to spread your lawn mowing business name. Take out half- or full-page advertisements in newspapers and phone books as these will get noticed even more.

Compose a special homeowners' package that includes information about your lawn mowing company, listing of important services, approximate prices and lawn mowing specials. The package could consist of promotional items such as pens or pencils with your business name, business refrigerator magnets and writing tablets with company name and logo. Offer bundles of these packages to the local chamber of commerce to offer to new residents or to the local homeowners' association to send to new home buyers.

Create business cards with a unique business logo. Include a description of your lawn mowing business and your unique selling point—the short message that tells why you stand out from your competitors. List your name, address and telephone number so that people can contact you. Give these business cards to acquaintances with whom you speak about lawn care and place them in public spaces such as bulletin boards.