There are many different reasons you may find yourself searching for a printable form. From business invoices to custom fax sheets, you can create a variety of styles right from your own computer. Software programs such as Microsoft Office offer simple ready-to-go forms, whereas online companies allow for more customization and make it a cinch to add logos and edit fonts and text colors.

Things You Will Need
  • Personal computer

  • Printer

Step 1.

Decide what you will be using the form for. There are many software and online programs available that can assist in producing printable spreadsheets, order forms and custom documents. In order to determine what program will suit your needs, you will need to take some things into consideration. Will it be for business or personal use? Do you need to find a program that allows logo entries? Does it need to filter data from a company software program?

Step 2.

Search your PC’s software for printable form templates. Most computers have access to Microsoft Office, which usually includes Word, Excel and Publisher. In Word you can create printable forms such as invoices, flyers, certificates, speech outlines and fax cover sheets. In Excel you can print documents like calendars, receipts, purchase orders, planners, time sheets and expense reports. In Publisher you can create various business forms to print, as well as labels, newsletters and postcards.

Step 3.

Review Microsoft Office templates online. Microsoft offers a wide variety of printable forms for free. You can create and print academic, business, employment, healthcare, personal and legal documents with just a few clicks. Simply enter the information you want to include into the pre-designed form and print.

Step 4.

Fill in free printable online forms. Companies like Business Form offer over 100 ready-to-use business templates, such as real estate forms, employment forms, bill of sale forms, expense and inventory documents. All you need to do is fill in your data and print. (The catch here is they will try to entice you with more customized forms which can be purchased. But if you are just looking for simple forms to print, the free templates will work for you.)

Step 5.

Use online services such as Vista Print. With these types of businesses, you can create the forms to your desire, then purchase them from the company, which will print and ship them to you. Printable stationary, order forms, invoices and just about anything else imaginable can be found at these types of online retailers. You will have to pay for these products, but if you are looking for these sorts of professional documents, you may need to create them and have them printed elsewhere.


Get creative and design a logo to use in your printable forms.


Don't give out any credit card information when searching online for free templates.