Starting an online business is a relatively easy venture because the costs are very low compared to a physical business location. You simply need to establish a Web presence by creating a website or a blog. Then you'll need to determine how to monetize your website. Use social media to get the word out quickly.

Create a Website

You can create a free blog-style website using or However, to turn that blog into a business and generate revenue, you will need to purchase a domain name (your blog's URL) and web hosting though a company such as or The free blog sites do not allow most monetization options. Then you can install the Wordpress platform through your web host. The benefit of having a blog instead of a static webpage is that a blog is updated regularly, giving readers a reason to come to the site multiple times. This also allows you to build a relationship with your readers.

Sell Your Own Products

Since you are starting a business, you will need to decide how you plan to make money from your new spiritual business. You could create physical products that you sell through an online store, such as religious study materials, planners or greeting cards. You could also create digital products, such as ebooks or printables, that you promote and sell through your website. Digital products offer a good option because they don't require shipping and can be delivered instantly.

Use Advertising for Passive Income

Signing up with ad networks, such as Google AdSense or Media Net, will allow you to make money passively without your readers making a purchase. You get paid based on readers viewing or clicking on ads. You could also sign up to be an affiliate for companies that align with your website's message. As an affiliate, you will get paid when someone makes a purchase through one of your affiliate links. You can use affiliate links in side bar ads or within the text of blog posts. Dayspring, the Christian side of Hallmark, is a popular affiliate company among faith-based bloggers.

Grow Your Audience Using Social Media

Create new blog posts on a consistent schedule and share those posts on your preferred social media platforms. For success on Pinterest, you will need to create a business account and add attractive images to go with your posts. You could take your own photos or purchase stock photos. A free photo editing site like, will allow you to add effects and text to your images. Images will also help your posts get more attention on Facebook, Twitter and Google Plus. For these sites it is also important to add a compelling description to make viewers want to click on you link.