So you're ready to start your own salon cleaning business. Salons are a relatively recession-proof business--after all, everybody still needs haircuts. That means you should have plenty of potential clients.

Things You Will Need
  • Business license

  • General liability insurance

  • Employees to help you with your cleaning jobs

  • Cell phone

  • Internet connection

  • Scanner

  • Fax machine

  • Computer

  • Cleaning supplies

Getting Started

Step 1.

Select your business name. Decide which type of business you want to form (for example, sole proprietorship, partnership, LLC or corporation) and then set it up.

Step 2.

Obtain your business license and general liability insurance. Also get workers' compensation insurance if you have employees.

Step 3.

Compile lists of salons in the territory you expect to work.

Step 4.

Start marketing your services to salons in your area. Print flyers with your contact information and services listed, as well as business cards to hand out. You can do this inexpensively with your own equipment and online with companies such as Vistaprint. Go to each salon and introduce yourself personally. Make sure your potential customers know you offer salon-specific services such as laundry for all towels and capes, and cleaning of hair cutting stations and wash stations.

Step 5.

Decide what your fees will be based on market rates; offer a discount for first-time customers. Determine whether you will clean the salon nightly or on some other schedule based on salon needs.


Get cleaning training if you haven't already (and train your staff). Work in a salon or salon school for training. Create a website that highlights your services. Be sure to bill on a regular (weekly or biweekly) schedule to get paid in a timely fashion.


Hygeine is very important to salons--each station and hair cutting implement must be spotless..