Businesses wanting to take their advertising to the next level through television ads on Comcast Cable can utilize Comcast Spotlight, the advertising sales division of Comcast. Comcast Spotlight can place advertisements in 80 television markets throughout the country, according to the Comcast Spotlight website.

Decide on a Market

Comcast offers two types of cable advertising -- single market and multi-market. Advertisers can either decide for themselves which type best fits their brand, message and budget, or use the guidance of a Comcast Spotlight advertising representative. Once you decide on the type of market, you can use an interactive map on the Comcast Spotlight website to choose which television markets to target. The interactive map shows the demographics for each of the 80 markets Comcast reaches to help advertisers decide what markets best fit their needs.

Contact a Comcast Ad Rep

After deciding on the markets where you want to advertise, you can contact a Comcast advertising representative for pricing and to start the process. If you use the contact form on the Comcast Spotlight website, Comcast will match you up with the ad rep in the market you are interested in. You can also contact the ad rep for the market directly; Comcast lists each ad rep’s contact information on the interactive map.

Set Up Advertising

The ad rep will help narrow down which cable channel, or even specific show, best fits your needs using data and research from Comcast's partners -- NCC Media; Cabletelevision Advertising Bureau; Cable and Telecommunications Association for Marketing; National Cable and Telecommunications Association; and the Ad Council.