Psychics use their talents to connect with clients and reveal forebodings and share any insights; many even predict the future. Starting a psychic line is the best way to share your talents with others and a great way to jumpstart your career or business. You can dictate your own rates and even set your own hours and availability.

Decide on the psychic methods that you will offer to clients when they call your psychic line. Options include tarot cards, oracle cards, automatic writing, channeling and other psychic mediums to connect with clients and share insights.

Obtain a federal tax ID number by applying for one via the U.S. government's Internal Revenue Service website. A federal tax ID number is required because you'll need to charge your clients sales tax on your psychic line services.

Obtain a toll-free telephone number (800 number) for your psychic line; this is the number that clients will call when they want a psychic reading. Consider using an all-in-one service that takes care of call forwarding, customer billing and payment processing. An example is, an authorized service bureau that takes care of all these tasks for psychics and sends monthly checks resulting from psychic line profits. Alternatively, sign up with a service such as Kall8 that provides an 800 number and automatic call forwarding to a specific telephone line; maintain records of client calls and relevant service charges yourself to bill customers.

Set your 800 number psychic line rates. Per-minute charges and flat-rate charges are common depending on the services you offer and on your own preferences for getting paid. Per-minute charges range from $0.99 to $1.99 on the low end and from $3.99 to $5.99 on the high end. Flat-rate charges are less common; you could charge a set rate of $20 to $45 per call or for a specific psychic reading service. Set your psychic line rate charges lower if you're just getting started to remain competitive; raise them after you're an established psychic.

Create a website telling your customers about your psychic line service and any mediums that you use to receive insights. Include a picture of yourself to make the service more personable. Make your psychic line telephone number stand out, and make sure that your rates are clearly shown so that there are no unhappy clients.

Advertise your psychic line services on the Internet and in your local area by using both free and paid resources. Pay-per-click campaigns can be geographically targeted down to cities and zip codes; forums and message boards are great places to advertise because you can create interest in your psychic line and have a forum signature linking back to your website. Placing ads in newspapers and classified ads also generates interest.