How to Label Mailroom Mailboxes

by Alex Burke ; Updated September 26, 2017

Labeling mailroom mailboxes can be a tedious but necessary job. A mail mix-up caused from out-of-date or missing labels can slow down daily work routines and cause mail to be lost altogether. Choosing a secure system to hold the labels can put an end to mailroom confusion and help the person sorting daily bags of mail from making mistakes. Printed labels secured in a well-designed label holder can replace peeling, yellowing mailbox labels.

Measure the height and width of the space available for a label.

Locate a label-holding system through an office supply catalog, online search or a visit to an office-supply store. Look for a product that allows for easy label changes. Match the holder sizes to the dimensions gathered in the previous step. The number of holders and their height and width will vary by brand.

Print the labels by hand or use a word-processing program that allows for list of names to be printed on a sheet of labels.

Install the label holders below or above the mailboxes as required. Follow the manufacturers instructions. Some products may have an adhesive product included.

Slip the printed labels into the holders per the manufacturers instructions.

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