How to Update an EIN

Once you receive an EIN (Employer Identification Number) from the IRS (Internal Revenue Service), the EIN cannot be changed. However, you can update information that is associated with the EIN, such as the Principal Officer for the business, the business address or the name of the business. The IRS has implemented a protocol that will allow you to update your EIN with ease. Note that if your business decides to incorporate, becomes a partnership or sole proprietorship after your original EIN has been assigned, you will not be able to update the EIN. Instead, the IRS requires that you apply for a new number.

Write a letter to the Internal Revenue Service indicating the update that needs to be made. The IRS requests that the letter be typed on paper that bears a company letterhead, if possible.

Include your company's EIN in the letter.

State in the letter the complete legal name, social security number and mailing address of the current Principal Officer of the business if you are writing to update the Principal Officer information. The Principal Officer is any person who is responsible for implementing decisions for the company or responsible for managing the organization.

State the updated address for the business if you are writing to update the business address.

Include any updated changes to the business name, if applicable.

Make a copy of the letter to maintain for your own records.

Mail the letter to the Internal Revenue Service. The letter will be mailed to one of two IRS addresses, depending upon which state the business is located in. To find out the exact address you should mail your updated EIN information to click on the link that is located in the Resources section of this article.

Wait to receive a confirmation letter in the mail that confirms the IRS has received your updated EIN information. It can take up to 60 days for the IRS to mail you the confirmation.

Save the IRS confirmation letter for your own records in case you need to reference it in the future.


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