There are several reasons why you may want to remove paint from a parking lot. You may be the manager of a building that requires changing the parking spaces on the lot. Perhaps you're in charge of a lot that needs to add additional handicap parking spaces. Whatever the reason, removing parking line paint can be difficult unless you use the right product. The best thing to do is to treat parking line paint like graffiti and use a proven graffiti-removing process.

Things You Will Need
  • Graffiti remover

  • Protective gloves

  • Barricades

  • Protective eyewear

  • Power washer

  • Hose and water connection

  • 6-inch paint roller

  • 6-inch rolling pads

  • Large push broom

Remove Parking Line Paint

Notify drivers several days in advance that the parking lot will be closed. On the day of paint removal, sweep the lot to remove any debris and place the barricades at entrances and exits to and from the lot.

Shake the graffiti container to thoroughly mix. Put on gloves and eyewear. Hook up the hose to the water connection. Start the pressure washer.

Dip the paint roller in the graffiti remover. Roll the graffiti remover over several paint lines. Only do two or three lines at a time.

Allow the graffiti remover to sit for approximately 90 seconds or until the paint bubbles. Remove the graffiti remover with a pressure washer. Avoid letting the graffiti remover stay on the lines for more than 90 seconds. Letting the remover sit for too long can lead to damaged asphalt.

Repeat the process if all the paint is not removed on the first try. Remove the paint from the rest of the lines in the lot to complete the job.

Turn off the pressure washer, shut off the water and remove the hose. Properly store all equipment. Follow directions on the graffiti remover for proper disposal of any remaining product.


Wear a long-sleeved shirt and long pants to avoid getting graffiti remover on your skin.