How to Name a Wedding Business

When naming a business, you always want to be clear yet clever. Striking this balance is sometimes difficult. When naming a wedding business, make sure your name evokes the style and feel of your business and attracts the right clients. Choosing the right name for your business can be as important as getting funding, writing your business plan and hiring the right employees.

Ask yourself a few questions. What do I want to convey to my customers through my name? What is the primary service we offer? If you're starting a wedding flower company, make sure the word flower, floral or the like is in there.

Think about you and your background. Bringing something about you or your partners into the mix. Are you from the South and you're starting a wedding planning business? Something like Magnolia Party Planning sounds elegant and conjures Southern charm and tradition. Using your name is always a choice, too. But be forward-thinking and remember that if you want to sell your business someday, buyers tend to like names that aren't built on one person's reputation.

Make sure it's easy to spell and easy to say. If people are constantly asking you to spell or pronounce your business name, chances are they won't remember it, either. Be unique, but not so unusual that people can't remember it.

Hire a professional if all else fails. Professional naming firms will help you come up with a perfect name. They tend to be expensive, ranging from $3,000 to $35,000 or more, according to Entrepreneur magazine.


  • You can always try an online name generator (see Resource 3).


  • Don't try to use a title that's close to an already existing, popular business. You don't want to get sued.

    If you've got a lot of explaining to do, it might be a sign you've chosen poorly. Names like "Yummy Wedding Cakes" or "Big Day Videography" don't require an explanation and that's a good thing.