How to Get a Free Website for Affiliate Links

Affiliate links enable you to market other peoples' products so that you earn a commission from each sale or action, such as a click, that the visitor performs. If you are interested in taking part in this lucrative Internet business, you must have a website to display the links. Fortunately, many free website builders are available to help you create your site and include your links even if you do not have design or coding knowledge.

Point your browser to a free website builder like Weebly, WebStarts, Webs, Yola or Doodlekit. Click the "Sign Up" or "Get Started" button on the preferred provider page and follow the prompts to register for an account.

Log into your account and follow the onscreen instructions to set up a new website title and address. Using Weebly, for example, click the "Create a Site" option that appears on the page, enter a desired title in the text field provided, specify the type of site you are building, such as "Business," and choose a category. Continue to enter a preferred domain name, which makes up the URL address, and then click the "Continue" button.

Design your website pages using the tools in your account. For instance, with Yola, click the "Page" menu to create the number of pages you need, click the "Style" menu, select a ready-made page design and click the "Layout" column to set up the appearance of any rows or columns on your pages. Further, click the widgets in the "Basic" box on the right and drag them to your page to automatically insert elements such as text blocks and videos.

Add affiliate links and marketing features, such as banners, to your preferred pages. To illustrate, click Doodlekit's "Google AdSense / Advertising Tool" in the menu bar and enter your AdSense client ID (if applicable), or paste another companies' code in the designated text area in the advertising module. Alternately, with WebStarts, click the "Insert" menu, select the "HTML Code" option and paste your affiliate code to display your links.

Click the "Save" and "Publish" options to save your work and make your website viewable on the Internet. View your provider's "FAQ," "Support" or "Help" page if you need help finding these features.


  • When you sign up for an affiliate program, the business automatically provides you with the code needed to display it on your website. See your program's "Help," "Support" or "FAQ" page if you require help with your particular account.