How to Increase Website Exposure

When you create a website, you must put time and effort into increasing your website exposure so that your site gets the number of visitors you desire. Your pages are viewable on the Internet when published, but you have to promote your pages to help search engines such as Google find your site and to help viewers know your site is there. Use a variety of free, Internet methods to help drive traffic to your pages.

Bring up the URL submission pages on Bing, Google, Yahoo! and any other major search engines you prefer (see Resources). Enter your website address in the "URL" field and click the "Submit" or "Add" button to enter your URL in the search engine directory, which helps your website come up in search results.

Sign up for social networks, including Twitter, Facebook and MySpace, and add your website address to your profile. Performing this task enables your friends to see your URL on your member page and access your website. See the network's "FAQ," "Support" or "Help" page if you need assistance adding the information to your profile.

Join discussion forums that relate to your site's topic and add your website URL to your signature. When you create a discussion thread or reply to an existing one, this signature appears underneath your post and gives readers the opportunity to discover your site.

Write articles pertaining to your website's content and include a paragraph at the end that has a link to your pages. Submit these stories to free article directories. These directories have a high page rank with major search engines, such as Google; therefore, your articles have the potential to show up on prevalent search result pages, which gives your website more exposure.

Comment on relevant blogs that allow feedback and include a link back to your site. High-ranking blogs have lots of visitors that can discover your URL from your notes. Be sure to leave meaningful feedback on these pages so the website author is more likely to publish your comments.


  • In addition to online marketing methods, be sure to include your website URL on physical items including letterhead, business cards and promotional products so your site has the most potential for discovery.