New construction homes are attractive to many people. They offer the opportunity to turn the key and move right in. Construction companies do the work of installing features that make the home attractive to potential buyers. There are other individuals who make the home clean and inviting to buyers walking in with their real estate agent or during an open house. These individuals clean up the mess left behind by construction workers. No special skills are required to do this type of work. This makes it possible for anyone to learn how to start a turnkey cleaning company.

Know how to clean. Most people know how to clean their own homes, and this provides a good start for running a turnkey cleaning company. You may want to learn how to do even more complex cleaning like removing paint from a floor or extra grouting from a bathtub.

Register your business or work independently. When starting your own turnkey cleaning company, you can choose whether to officially register as a business with the IRS as well as your state and local government, or to serve as an independent contractor. You can even work for a year or two as an independent contractor before you make that decision. You can spend that time building your business. Later, you can register your business when you take on additional employees.

Learn how to estimate how long it will take to clean. You want to make sure that you are being paid adequately for your time. It’s important that you learn how to estimate how long it will take to complete a job. Prior to accepting a job, walk through the home to see just how messy it is. Notice if there are any problem areas. The more experience you get with your turnkey cleaning company, the better you will become at estimating the time it takes to complete a job.

Set pricing. There are three different ways you can charge for your services as a turnkey cleaning company. Setting a flat rate, using an hourly rate or charging by the square foot are all pricing options. Just make sure that you incorporate the cost of travel to the site and your cleaning supplies into your price. This will ensure you make a profit.

Purchase or make cleaning supplies. Turnkey cleaning companies purchase and use their own cleaning supplies when working in homes. You may find that it is more cost effective to your bottom line to make your own cleaning supplies instead of buying commercial brands.

Have a vehicle to travel. New construction homes are being built in different locations, so it’s important that you have a car. Your vehicle should have enough room to carry all your cleaning supplies.

Market your turnkey cleaning services. Operating a turnkey cleaning company is a niche field, so you don’t want to waste money advertising your cleaning services to the general public. Instead, focus on marketing the services you provide to construction companies and realtors. The construction companies can offer cleaning jobs on new construction homes, while realtors can contact you to clean homes that have been emptied out by the owner and are on the market.


Being available on short notice can sometimes provide you with extra jobs. Construction companies and realtors may contact you at the last minute to clean up a home if they know you can be available quickly.