How to Buy a Verizon Franchise Store

by David Ingram; Updated September 26, 2017

Verizon Wireless is a leader in the international cellular phone market, and joining this brand as an independent franchise owner can be a very rewarding experience. Wireless Zone is the name given to independent franchise stores, but all products sold in Wireless Zone stores are Verizon Wireless products, and the Verizon logo accompanies the store name on all signage. Follow the link at the end of this article to begin the process of buying a Wireless Zone franchise.

Items you will need

  • Experience in retail sales management and marketing
  • Franchise fee between $20,000 and $30,000
  • Total investment between $65,000 and $193,000
  • Four employees
Step 1

Complete a telephone interview before beginning the application process. All phone numbers and other contact information can be found on the Wireless Zone website. The initial interview is a fact-finding discussion that will help you to learn more about the company, while giving Wireless Zone a chance to learn more about you.

Step 2

Complete the actual application online or send it via mail to be reviewed by the Franchise Committee. Read the Franchise Disclosure Document while awaiting approval, and take the time to ask a Franchise Representative any questions that you may have concerning the disclosure.

Step 3

Work with your Franchise Representative to choose a protected market area and a specific site for your store. Representatives will assist you by providing demographic information related to your chosen area, and will submit your location choice for approval by Verizon Wireless.

Step 4

Work with a Franchise Coordinator on building and preparing your store, after obtaining full approval and signing the Franchise Agreement. The coordinator will also guide you through the process of obtaining all of the materials that you will need to conduct business through your franchise.

Step 5

Schedule training with a Franchise Coordinator. Training takes place at the Wireless Zone corporate office in Connecticut, as well as several regional training store locations. Your training must be complete prior to the grand opening of your store.

Training materials for your employees will be provided by the franchise, and it is your responsibility to ensure that employees are properly trained before your grand opening.

Step 6

Focus on excellent customer service and local marketing efforts, and the strength of the Verizon Wireless brand will bring your store much success over the long term. Wireless Zone provides continued assistance and guidance to its franchise owners and will be with you every step of the way to ensure your continued success.


  • Financing is available to assist you with start-up expenses, so do not let the price tag deter you if you believe that a Wireless Zone franchise will be profitable in your area.

    Pay attention to the saturation of the market in your chosen location. If every major competitor is already represented in your chosen location, you might consider looking elsewhere.


  • Your franchise agreement must be renewed every seven years, so be prepared for the renewal fee of $7,500.

    There are many standards and procedures that must be followed in accordance with franchise guidelines. Having a thorough knowledge of the benefits and drawbacks of franchise ownership will help you to be completely prepared for this unique and rewarding experience.

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