How to Design Flyers for Free

Advertisement is an important aspect to most, if not all businesses. When first starting off you will need to pass the word around about your business and the services you provide. One way to do this for smaller, local companies is to create flyers. Flyers are essentially a piece of computer paper with your information printed on the page. There is no need to spend big bucks for fancy advertisement firms to design your flyer when you could design them yourself for free.

Open Microsoft Word or Corel Word Perfect. If you do not have these word processors on your computer you will be able to go to your local public library. Library computers will often have these programs on them and allow you to use them for free You will need to pay to print the documents.

Adjust the font for your company or product name. You want it to be large enough for people to see even if it is not in their hands. Do this by clicking the font size pull down menu from the Toolbar. Any font over 60 points will suffice. Place the text in the center of the page. Do this by selecting the "Center" justification option from the tool bar menu.

Change the font again to a smaller size for the rest of the information. You want your name and company to stand out, with the rest of the information playing a supportive role.

Make it simple. You do not want to over complicate the flyer. You just want to say what you do, who you are and where you are located. Leaving too much information will on the paper will make it difficult for people to take all the details. You want them to be able to walk past the flyer and understand exactly what it is for without having to stop and read it.

Save your content. If you do not want to print it off here, you will need to save it, otherwise your design will be lost. Select "File," followed by "Save." Chose where you would like to save the file and click "OK." Your flyer design will now be saved.