How to Make $3,000 a Month in Passive Income

Earning passive income is almost an oxymoron. Passive doesn't mean you do absolutely nothing and the money rolls into your bank accounts while you're out lounging by the pool. What it does mean is you set up a system of blogs or websites, promote them to get traffic and earn money through affiliate sales, your own products and advertising or both. It's called passive because once the system is set up it earns money without additional input on your part. The $3,000 per month breaks down to $100 daily goal.

Choose the method, or methods, of how you would like to make a passive income. Affiliate sales are commissions on products, usually downloadable, paid to you when a sale is made through your affiliate code. Click per action, CPA, is cash paid when a visitor to your site performs a certain action such as completing a form, providing contact information or signing up for a service. The difference between affiliate sales and CPA is you don't have to make a sale for CPA. Advertising income is earned when a visitor to your site clicks on an advertisement. Set goals for each of the methods that total $100 per day. You might decide that $10 per day in advertising revenue, $25 in CPA and $65 in affiliate sales commissions is doable.

Select the products you wish to promote. Find affiliate products through Clickbank, Commission Junction,, or search by brand name +affiliate. Companies such as Groupon or Angie's List have affiliate programs as well. Ensure the product has a nice size payout. If the commission is only $10 you'll have to sell 300 products a month, or 10 a day to make $3,000 per month. If the commission is $25 per sale, you only have to sell four per day to make your number.

Monetize your website with Google AdSense. Research keyword phrases that relate to your selected method and products you wish to promote. Google AdSense keyword tool tells you how many searches were made for a keyword phrase and the competition for that keyword phrase from advertisers. You can find out what the cost per click is for the phrase on the Google AdSense traffic estimator. That is what the advertiser pays. That pay is split between Google and you. You don't have be an advertiser to use the tool. Keyword phrase selection is important. The search engines will place you higher on the search results page, that means more visitors and a higher potential to earn your $3,000 per month.

Register a domain that includes your main keyword phrase. For example if you've selected a weight loss product you might want to register "" or "" if you're promoting a book on homemade dog food, your domain might be ""

Find a Web host company. Set up your website or blog. For newcomers to Internet marketing a blog is less of a hassle than a static website. Fantastico is a program on most control panels at your Web host. In Fantastisco, select a blog platform. With a click of your mouse your blog will be set up on your domain. Write blog posts that include your keyword phrase in the title of the post and once in each paragraph. The blog posts should have your affiliate links to the products you're promoting and your CPA links.

Promote your website or blog by submitting it to the main search engines. Write articles about the topic of your website or blog. Include a link to your blog using your keyword phrase as the text. Submit the articles to directories. This sets up backlinks pointing to your website.

Use other methods of traffic generation such as pinging your website or blog, setting up a network of free sites such as HubPages, Xanga, Weebly and Squidoo and posting on discussion forums with your keyword phrase linking back to your blog. The more targeted visitors to your site, the higher the probability you'll make $100 a day.


  • Adjust your efforts based on results. If experience has shown you that you generate $100 in sales or advertising revenue for every 500 visitors, then you know you have to get 500 visitors to your site every day to make $3,000 in passive income per month.


  • The Internet is full of scams about how to make passive incomes online.