Advertising is important in marketing your business because it is a great way for you to reach potential customers. Television commercials, magazine advertisements, and event-sponsoring are solid marketing strategies. Another solid marketing strategy, although often overlooked, is creating billboards. Billboard design can be an overwhelming task if you are designing one for the first time. But it does not have to be overwhelming.

Things You Will Need
  • Computer

  • Graphic software

  • Car

Step 1.

Scout the location. The distance of your billboard from traffic and the average speed of vehicles in the area are essential elements to keep in mind for effective billboard design.

Step 2.

Select a color scheme. Picking contrasting colors that will stand out from your billboard’s surroundings is important for successful marketing.

Step 3.

Find the imagery you want. Your selected image should be an attention grabber to maximize the advertising potential of your billboard.

Step 4.

Create the copy (writing) for your design. The copy should summarize the message you are marketing in seven words or less.

Step 5.

Proof your billboard design. Make sure the copy can be read from a long distance, words are spelled correctly, and the imagery flows with your selected color scheme.


Never use white or sky blue as background colors.

Use a color system, like PMS (Pantone Matching System), to create an effective color scheme.

The human eye moves left to right so put your imagery on the left side of your billboard design to attract more attention.

The closer your billboard is to traffic, the more copy you can include.

The farther your billboard is from traffic, the less copy you should use.