How to Generate Opportunity Seeker Leads

Interested in generating your own business opportunity seeker leads? A great marketing campaign will separate the curious from the serious. Create marketing campaigns that produce massive results through small, repetitive efforts.

Determine How You Want Opportunity Seekers to Respond

Go to to obtain a toll-free telephone number (see Resources). Set up a voice greeting encouraging opportunity seekers to leave their contact information. The significance of a toll-free number, as opposed to a regular toll number, is that toll-free numbers give opportunity seekers the feeling they are calling a professional establishment.

Go to to create a lead capture page for your business opportunity (see Resources). A lead capture page or squeeze page is a webpage that teases the opportunity seeker with interesting information about the opportunity. The goal is for the opportunity seeker to submit his contact information and opt in to receive more details.

Go to to purchase a personalized website address (domain) and point your personal web address to the auto-generated web address provided by the Lead Page Generator from Step 2.

Design Business Opportunity Cards, Signs and Fliers

Go to or to design your business opportunity cards, signs and fliers (see Resources).

Create an eye-popping business opportunity card template that gets straight to the point. For example, use a yellow background and black lettering and include buzz phrases such as "Can't quit your day job? Work spare time from home and earn $3,850 monthly." Your goal is to drop these cards in places you are targeting opportunity seekers (supermarket, waiting room, restroom, bank).

Design a lawn sign, car topper, window decal or car door magnet to advertise your business opportunity. Use a similar approach to creating an eye-popping design that will appeal to the type of opportunity seeker you want to attract.

Design a flier that contains your toll-free 800 number and briefly describe the benefits offered by your business opportunity. The flier does not need to be flashy, but an uncluttered, easy-to-read form with enough information to draw the reader's interest is expected. Consider adding a promotional tag number to the flier. When prospective leads contact you, ask for the promotional tag number to determine which fliers receive better responses than others.

Hold a Drawing

Ask the owner of a local restaurant if you may hold a drawing to give away a free lunch to anyone who frequents the establishment. You can hold these drawing on a regular basis if you choose.

Indicate clearly that all entries must be validated with the correct contact information to win, and the winner does not need to be present at the time of the drawing. Participating contestants will drop a reply card or business card into the business reply box. In lieu of a reply box, simply use a glass fish bowl.

Return to the restaurant on the day of the drawing and pull the name of the lucky person who won the free lunch. In exchange for the free lunch, you get all the reply cards and business cards received.

Create an Advertisement

Buy advertising space or use free online advertising on websites such as

Write an ad that targets a specific group of prospects. For example, if you are targeting working mothers, think about their concerns and use your ad to offer a solution.

Include both your toll-free 800 number and lead capture page website address for maximum effectiveness.

Write a Blog

Go to to set up a blog. It's free, and you can watch a video tutorial. Write a blog that contains advice, instruction or otherwise helpful information around topics that would interest a targeted group of readers.

Go to to create an email marketing newsletter. To create loyal readers, frequently update your blog content and offer readers the option to subscribe to a newsletter.

Upon receiving subscription requests for your newsletter, add these leads to your contact list.