Online music stores have become one of the most prominent ways to market, redistribute and profit from music sales. Digital music downloading is the new wave of the technology world, and many have caught on to it. Starting an online music store can come as a bit of a challenge for the inexperienced, but this does not mean it is an impossible goal. It simply takes organization, innovation, patience and discipline to achieve starting and running a successful online music store. These steps will show you how these four essential characteristics play such an important part in your success.

Things You Will Need
  • Computer

  • Internet

  • E-commerce Web site

  • Copyright license

  • Understanding of Copyright Distribution Laws

Step 1.

Obtain a music-redistribution license. The governmental copyright Web site offers specific licenses for music redistribution options of all kinds. The list that will be displayed will showcase several licensing options that can be used for redistribution sales.

Step 2.

Legalize a business name and entity for your online music store. Each state requires a different registration process. Click on the Business Name Registration link below, and scroll through the list to locate your state's business registration link. When the site loads, there will be a list of prompts and directions that you will need to follow in order to establish and legalize your business name.

Step 3.

Purchase a Web domain for your online music store. The Web domain is the name of your music store's Web site, and it is one of the most important aspects of your business. The name you choose should be catchy, yet simple enough for visitors and consumers to remember. Click on the Go Daddy link below. Type the domain name you desire in the blank data form that will appear to see if the domain name is available.

Step 4.

Build your music store. This can be done one of two ways: You can either build your music store with a premade template that can be purchased when you obtain your Web domain name or click on the Wix link below to custom build your store yourself. GoDaddy comes equip with several Web site building tools that can meet any business budget. If you decide to build your own Web site, you will need to create a Wix account after you click on the Web site link. You can use a premade music or e-commerce template and alter it, or start from scratch.


Once your online music store is established, you will need to begin marketing immediately to build online traffic and generate revenue (see Resources for advise on marketing and generating traffic to your online music store.)

PayPal is a highly recommended tool for accepting payment on your Web site. It's secure, fast and safe to protect you, as the seller, and the consumer (see Resources to set up a free, online merchant account.)


It is always safer to sell your own music, but if you desire to redistribute other artists' music, beware of copyright redistribution laws. Never promote or sell music you do not own rights to or have no distribution license for. This can cause many unwanted legal issues that can result in a lawsuit against your company.