How to Get Business Grants for Minority Women

If you're a minority woman and you need a business grant, there are a few places where you can look. Even though the federal government does not offer start-up business grants, you can still get business grants as a minority woman by following a few simple steps.

Make sure you have a detailed business plan and a grant proposal in place. Business plan writing and grant writing are specialized fields, so consider hiring a professional business plan writer and a professional grant writer to get your business grant.

Certify your business as being woman-owned. Although certification is not necessary in order to receive business grants, you will be able to qualify for government contracts if you get certified. You can self-certify through Central Contractor Registration or receive certification from the Women's Business Enterprise National Council and the National Women's Business Owners Corporation.

Check with the U.S. Small Business Association's website. The SBA's main website allows you to search for business loans, grants and financing assistance. Their Office of Women's Business Ownership also offers grant information and tips on finding and getting business grants. Look online for sites that cater to minority-owned businesses and search for angel investors that focus on minority women as well.

Apply for the grants that you qualify for. Make sure you follow all the directions when you apply, and provide all the necessary information along with your grant letter and business plan.


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