Some online entrepreneurs rely on cold emailing to promote their products and services. To get the best results, they must ensure that they are using fresh email leads that are no more than a few days old. These lists are available from email list suppliers, but you may not be comfortable with using your credit or debit cards online. PayPal is a secure alternative. It allows you to conduct transactions without having to give your sensitive financial information to anyone.

Things You Will Need
  • PayPal account

  • Email account provided by your Internet service provider

Step 1.

Search for an email leads supplier. Popular email leads suppliers include, Pro Email Leads and All About Lists (see Resources below).

Step 2.

Choose the type of leads you want. Email leads range from residential prospects to business executives. You can refine your selection using data such as geographical location, age and income of the prospects.

Step 3.

Register for an account. Some email leads retailers do not allow the use of free email address accounts, such as those hosted by Yahoo!, Google and Hotmail. For such websites, you will need to use an account provided by your Internet service provider.

Step 4.

Proceed to checkout and examine payment options. If the supplier shows a PayPal logo, you can pay with any of your PayPal financial products, including your PayPal account balance and your PayPal buyer credit. If the PayPal logo is absent, you can select the MasterCard payment option and then use your PayPal debit or credit card.

Step 5.

Submit your payment information. If you are paying with the balance in your PayPal account or your PayPal buyer credit, this action will take you to PayPal's website where you can complete your transaction.