Dentrix, the clinical and practice management software from Henry Schein Practice Solutions, is an industry standard used in thousands of dental offices across the United States. The comprehensive software handles family and patient information, insurance data, clinical notes, and dental imaging, so there’s a lot to learn. Fortunately, the software is designed specifically to keep the learning curve to a minimum, and multiple options are available for learning Dentrix.

How to Learn Dentrix

Step 1.

Read the User’s Guide. Not only does the User’s Guide document and explain each feature and component, it also includes tutorials for common tasks and an appendix with troubleshooting tips and instructions. The User’s Guide is freely available online at the Dentrix website, so new dental office employees may learn even if the software is not physically available.

Step 2.

If you're a licensed and registered Dentrix user, you can access online tutorials and feature previews by logging in with your customer ID and office zip code. Login also enables access to the support knowledge base for additional learning. This online learning option allows you to learn and practice on demand and at your own pace.

Step 3.

For more formal or structured learning, training is available through the Training link on the Dentrix website. Seminars, webinars and in-office training options are available in addition to on-demand training.

Step 4.

For advanced or purely customized training, third-party Dentrix consulting and training specialists are available. Check with your Dentrix reseller for references in your area.