Before you can start a security guard company, you must have the proper training, tools of the trade and know just what the job duties are for a licensed security guard. You will need to know what organizations you can work with and what type of events you can work. Being a security guard and running the company are very different. As the company owner, you have many responsibilities to consider before hiring, training and sourcing jobs.

Visit the official state government home page for the state in which you want to start a security guard company. In the search box, type, "security guard license." If requirements for licensing are published, you will find them.

Apply for training. You must know how to handle, shoot and display a gun to operate a security guard company. Even if you do not plan to work the field, you must be trained in gun handling. This type of training will also show you how to use a baton. You must use a qualified training program and pass the course. Many law enforcement agencies have a list of recognized trainers. Use a training program that they recommend.

Take any exams required by your state. As the owner or manager of the company, you must pass a background check and meet the requirements of your state government. You will also need to supply information about your qualifications in the security field. You should have worked in loss prevention, a police department or for another security company.

Take a course in criminal law. Although this may not be required in all states, it does give you a better understanding of the laws and what is acceptable and not acceptable in the line of duty.

Attend a boot camp for physical training. Law enforcement and security guards must complete a boot camp for training. This is to test, strengthen and enhance your physical abilities. The boot camp training can be recommended by a law enforcement agency in your area.

Hire employees who have gone through the same procedures that you have. Just because they will be working for you does not mean that they don't need all the same training you needed to start the company.

Look for businesses that need security guards. It is possible to contract with city law enforcement agencies to work special events and other venues. Before approaching law enforcement agencies, you need experience working security for private companies or events.


Increase your chances of success in the security guard business by taking courses in criminal justice, either in an associate's degree program or a certificate program. To work for the federal government, you must be certified by the U.S. General Services Administration.


Follow the requirements of your state regarding the hiring of employees. For example, in New York State, your employees must be U.S. citizens or legal aliens with permanent residence in the U.S.