Security Identification Display Area badges go to airport personnel who must routinely enter sensitive areas. Airports must follow Federal aviation rules to determine who gets them. Applicants must meet age, identification, background and training requirements, and sometimes pay a fee. Airports may assist new companies that need to get SIDA badges for their employees.

Basic Documents

Applicants need to be at least 18 with two forms of current, valid government-issued identification. One of those items must show a photo of the applicant. The other one can be a birth certificate or social security card. A driver's license is mandatory if the job involves operating a vehicle. SIDA rules also call for proof of current address. Proof of address can be a government-issued I.D. that shows the address, a rental agreement, or a bill.

Background Checks

The SIDA badge means the wearer can access airline ramps, so security screening is intensive. Applicants must pass an employment background check, a Security Threat Assessment, and a fingerprint-based criminal history record check. That check will cover the previous 10 years. Major felonies, espionage, sedition, and certain offenses committed aboard aircraft and at airports will disqualify an applicant. Applicants also must agree to report any disqualifying offenses they commit during their employment.

Proof of Training

The specifics vary by airport, but applicants usually must complete security training within 30 days after the background reports come back. The applicant may need to show proof of training to get the physical badge. Safety training, such as ramp safety, may also be required. SIDA badge holders may be subject to mandatory courses while on the job, such as in safety management systems.

Job-Specific Requirements

Additional SIDA badge requirements may apply depending on the job in question. For example, personnel expected to operate specialized aircraft rescue and firefighting vehicles need a driver's license of the correct class. They'll also need official endorsements to comply with local regulations and an unrestricted Airport Operations Area License. Airport construction personnel who work in secure areas must obtain a SIDA badge. The FAA mandates penalties for non-compliance, which can include detention by airport security and revocation of a SIDA badge.