How to Get Government Grants for Women

Each year the government hands out over $500 billion in grants. Some of these government grants are meant specifically for women. Women seeking higher education or starting a small business are prime candidates for government grants for women.

Visit the US Government's grant site. I have included a link in the resource section. This is a great place to begin your search because you will only find real grants for real people. Be careful when searching for government grants for women because a lot of scams are out there.

Register you and/or your organization. You will need to register on the US Government's grant site to be eligible to apply for grants. The process can take up to three to five business days so be sure to register before you begin searching.

Search for government grants for women. You can use the basic search or the advanced search to try to find them. If you use the basic search, just type in "women" in the search box. If you use the Advanced Search page, check the box labeled "Open Opportunities" to search for opportunities that are currently open and not closed.

Once you find the government grant you looking for, you will need to download a government grant application package. You will need to complete the package and mail it back to begin processing your grant.

After you have mailed in your package, you can track your government grant progress by using the US Government Grant's website. Check the status on the Track My Application page.


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