If you are not a stationary business in Texas and you wish to sell your goods on the street or door to door, you must know how to obtain a Texas vendor license to comply with the state laws. You cannot just walk down the street and sell goods without this particular license and registration. Learn what you need to do to sell anything as a vendor in the state of Texas.

Things You Will Need
  • Driver's license or photo identification

  • Two photos of each applicant

  • Background authorization form

  • Application for license

Fill out the "Vendor Application" with the clerk of courts in the community where you plan to sell your goods. If you will have employees working with you, each person must fill out the "Employee Application."

Fill out and sign the authorization form for a background check. Each person who plans to sell goods as a vendor in the community must complete the form. You will need to provide a driver's license with a photo or a photo identification card.

Pay the fee associated with the application for the organization requesting a vendor license. Each employee must pay a smaller fee if he or she intends to work under the vendor license.

Pay the bond for each person that will sell goods under the vendor license if the application for a vendor license is accepted.

Provide two photos for each employee that will work under the license.

Wait the 10 days or so to find out if your application and each individual application has been accepted by the licensing committee.