How to Open a New Office

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Congratulations! Now that you've successfully registered your new company, it's time to open a new office. Or perhaps you're expanding your business and need the extra space? In any event, opening a new office takes meticulous planning and execution. You need to be something of a perfectionist from start to finish. The satisfaction of seeing a pleasant, efficient and ergonomically designed office space will sure make up for all that sweat and long hours.

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Carefully review your financial position (funds available from savings and/or loans) and create a budget. Next, make a list of items needed for the new office. Be throrough, down to the coffee pot and trash cans.

Inspect a few properties on your own or through a commercial real estate agent. Sign a lease or enter into a purchase agreement for your office space.

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Put your creative skills to good use with the interior design. Or if you prefer, hire an interior designer. Pick the right paint colors, artwork and workspace layout. Creative a beautiful environment with inviting chairs and leafy, green plants.

Depending on your budget, purchase new or used office furniture. You'll need desks, chairs, computers, filing cabinets, storage closets, reception furniture, office partitions, tables, bookcases, mail-sorting trays and kitchen or breakroom furniture.

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Set up strong communication systems such as phone, internet, videoconferencing system, TV, fax, and copier. Decide where you want to locate the electrical outlets and phone jacks.

Set up an account with an office supply store for stationery and writing instruments.

Advertise job vacancies in local newspapers and career websites. Screen applicants, conduct interviews, select candidates.

Recruit office maintence staff to maintain electronic equipment, computer systems, servers, firewalls and security networks, manage domain name and the internet connection. Hire a cleaning crew and sign up with a local florist for fresh flowers twice a week. Good luck with your new office.


  • Ensure your new office is free of harmful environmental toxins like lead and mold. Fumigate the space immediately upon lease or purchase to get rid of cockroaches and rodents.