How to Name a Cookie Business

When starting a business, you will spend time thinking up just the right name. You want something memorable that catches the imagination. So naturally, naming your business is an important step in starting up shop. For the purposes of this article, we will discuss some of the considerations for finding names for a cookie business, but the same considerations (or similar ones) could apply to many other businesses.

Naming a Cookie Business

Look for Cookie Company Names with Recognition

Consider recognition. What do you want people to recognize when they read your business name? You? Your cookies? Then, for something direct, you might try a name like Annie's Cookies. Or, perhaps you wish to draw attention to cookies. Consider something like Delicious Cookies or Delightful Cookies.

If you plan to start cookie shops around the country and wish to recognize where they began, you could use a cookie company name such as Texas Cookies.

Consider the Types of Cookies You Sell

Consider the product itself. What makes it stand out from other cookies? Is your shop specializing in only chocolate cookies, or cookies with chocolate in them? Maybe your cookies all have nuts. Here are some examples of cookie company names that might work: Chocked With Nuts, Chocolate Morsels, Baked With Chocolate or Chocolate Lovers' Cookies.

Consider Place Names or Word Associations

Consider cute cookie company names. Try associations. Make a list of things you associate with cookies, nuts, and other ingredients. For example, we associate squirrels with nuts. So you might have The Squirrel's Cache. Or perhaps you want something that hints of fun like The Nut House.

Because your business is a place, you might use "place" words in your name. Consider things such as The Cookie House or Cookie Place. We think of cookies as coming out of the oven in batches. So you might have: The Cookie Batch. Or: Hot From the Oven.

One caution with cute names – people may not know what your store is selling if the name is too cute. So there is the risk of losing potential customers. However, sometimes a cute name will draw in customers who are curious. And, of course, if you have a large window display that is easy to see from the roadway, you can probably afford a riskier name.

Sketch the Name on Paper

Draw out the name(s) you are considering on paper with markers. Choosing how the letters will look is important, too. You want a name that is easy to ready but eye-catching. Consider mixing in images with the letters.

For instance, a cookie can substitute for a letter o. The name Annie's Cookies could have two cookies drawn into the name. Or, for the name The Squirrel's Cache, you could use a squirrel for the "S." Do not overuse images as they can clutter the name and make it harder to read. You might consider a chocolate drop – or other things like a nut or piece of fruit – for a letter o or to dot a letter i.

Check that the Name is not Already Taken

Search your name to make sure you have not taken someone else's name. A quick search on the Internet will bring up any trademarked or registered names. Know that even if your name is Debbie and everyone calls you Little Debbie, you still cannot start a business called Little Debbie's Cookies. After doing an initial search on your business name, seek legal help to set up your business.

Check that a Good Website Address is Available

Once you have settled on a name, make sure there is a good URL, or website address, available. This will be essential for marketing and for setting up social media accounts.

Hire an Attorney

Hire an attorney. Your attorney can conduct a more thorough search for you. He will set up your business as a corporation or a limited liability company (LLC) or other type of business. Filing the appropriate legal papers will also register your business name. Your attorney will know the appropriate paperwork required of your state.

However, to check out the process yourself, go to the official government website for businesses. Click on "Register Your Business Name." Then click on "Business Name Registration." This takes you to a page with all the requirements and links to any required paperwork based on the state.