How to Start a small Photo Printing Business On The Side

by Contributor; Updated September 26, 2017

How to earn some extra cash photo printing.

Step 1

It is fairly easy to start a small photo printing business on the side. If you are looking to supplement your income in addition to a full time job, you may consider photo design and printing. As long as you keep the business small and keep a small local customer client base, you will not have to obtain any license to run a business.

Step 2

First, you will need a decent printer that allows photos to be downloaded and reproduced. I own a HP color printer and it produces beautiful color prints. Basically, you could produce reprints and enlargements of client photos. In addition, you can also adjust colors to make them brighter and more visible. You can work wonders with a color printer and an eye for detail.

Step 3

Finally, you may want to limit your work to local friends, neighbors and families to start. I did photo reprints and enlargements for about six months and I was able to make some additional income and gain some experience.

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