How to Advertise on Bing

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Google AdWords is considered the main platform for search results-based advertising. However, Bing, the Microsoft search engine, is gaining in importance, especially since it partnered with Yahoo Search. Advertising with Bing is very similar to advertising with other search engines. It requires an account with Bing, which is free to set up, and a credit card for billing of advertisements that are actually placed. Bing also uses a keyword system so your ads are targeted to customers who are searching for terms related to the goods and services you provide.

Launch the Microsoft AdCenter home page and click the "Sign Up Now" prompt. The AdCenter sign-up account information page will appear momentarily.

Fill out all fields of the User Information and Company Information sections -- marked with a red asterisk -- on the sign-up page. Use the pull-down menus wherever they are provided, such as in the secret question, industry, and language fields. Put a check in the appropriate box in the Marketing Preference field if you want to receive information from Microsoft, or remove the check from the main box in the section if you do not want to be contacted with offers. Enter the verification characters, check the box at the bottom of the form under "Terms and Conditions," and click the "Submit" box.

Wait for the welcome screen to appear. It is a gray-shaded screen with a dialog box in the center and is titled "Signup Is Complete." Click "Create a New Campaign" in the dialog box and wait for the "Create a Campaign" page to appear.

Fill out all of the information as requested in the top "Campaign Settings" section of the "Create a Campaign" page. Set a daily or monthly budget that you are willing to spend for your campaign. Compose your advertisement in the second "Create an Ad" section of the page, taking care to not exceed the word limit.

Select either "Keywords" or "Placements" in the third section of the page. Then, either choose your keywords based on the keywords that appear in the box or select the network you want to place your ad on from the list that appears in the Networks box. You can also click "Websites" under "Placements" if you want to search for and specify websites on which you want to advertise.

Save your campaign as soon as you have entered your bid price if you choose keywords, or as soon as you finish specifying websites if you choose placements. Click on the "Add/Edit Payment Information" prompt on the list of campaigns and add your credit card or Paypal information. Save your information. Your campaign is now ready to begin. Check the campaign page from time to time to see how your campaign is progressing and to make any necessary changes.