How to Buy Wholesale Discount Designer Lingerie (European)

Lingerie designed and made in Europe is very popular with a niche clientele. Customers who enjoy wearing lingerie made with fine fabrics and designed to fit the body comfortably buy these lingerie pieces. European lingerie includes sexy bras, panties, thongs, body stockings and many other items, all of which may be acquired for resale in a traditional walk-in retail shop or through an online store.

Learn the European lingerie sizing systems. Italy, France and England have their own sizing systems for bras and panties. You may find sizing charts at online stores or from the wholesalers. These charts convert the European sizes into U.S. sizes.

Estimate the shipping costs for importing lingerie from Europe. Include shipping charges for UPS, Federal Express or USPS once the cargo is on the ground in the United States, as well as fees charged by U.S. Customs, which will vary according to the total value of the imported items.

Buy wholesale designer lingerie from a distributor that sells all items of lingerie at a discount. Lingerie distributors wholesale current season and off season lingerie purchased in bulk from the manufacturers. These distributors can be found online.

Find and buy discount designer lingerie directly from the manufacturers for savings. Some of the European lingerie manufacturers offer their merchandise online. Previous-season lingerie is usually offered at discounted prices.

Decide which items of designer lingerie you are going to buy for personal or resale purposes. Establish a line of credit with the distributor or the manufacturer, many of which accept credit card and Paypal payments.


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