A manager can make or break the success of a business. Maintaining consistent rules, clear expectations and a sincere desire to help your team succeed will make you the type of manager that employees want to work hard for.

Respect. The most important management skill a boss can have is respect; respect for their employees, their customers and their business. If a manager lacks respect, they will have a high employee turnover rate and end up getting a bad reputation among customers.

Clear expectations. An effective manager is clear in their expectations of their employees. Being concise about workplace expectations and rules gives employees the tools they need to be successful workers.

Consistency. Managers are often the ones in charge of disciplinary action and promotion for employees. This can be a touchy situation and one where there is no way to keep everyone happy 100 percent of the time. The way to overcome this management problem is to practice consistency. A consistent manager has employees who know how to work for success and who understand why they are reprimanded.

Management goal setting.Effective management includes a goal setting system that defines and recognizes employee successes. Short-term and long-term goals reinforce an employee's strong work habits.

Communicate. Good managers know the importance of good communication. Frequent and regular employee meetings keep management and hires on the same page so that business operations run smoothly.

Encouragement. As a manager, be encouraging to your employees to ensure the best performance. Firm, respectful, but encouraging managers will create employees who are motivated and efficient.