Have you ever written a letter to a company requesting a refund or asking for more information, but had trouble finding a mailing address? Or, maybe you simply needed directions to a company's office for a job interview. Finding a company's address these days is only a keyboard stroke away.

Things You Will Need
  • Phone book

  • Access to an Internet search engine, such as Google or Yahoo!

How to find a company address

Verify the spelling of the company's name. It sounds simple, but mistaking even one character in a company's name can lead you to the wrong address. For example, a company named Fittings Ltd. might be easily mistaken for a company named Fitting Ltd. in a different city and state. Google searches often ask "Did you mean ...?" if search listings are returned for similar--but differently spelled--words. This can help you verify whether you spelled the company's name correctly. Likewise, searching your local phone book, if the company is in your area, can help avoid incorrectly spelled entries.

Let your fingertips do the walking. Using Google or Yahoo! to find a company's official website will often lead you to the most updated address for the company. However, not all companies have official websites. In this case, using www.YellowPages.com is the easiest way to locate an address. Simply enter the name of the company and the state in which it resides to return the most likely listings. Using the Yahoo! search engine will also return a list of local.yahoo.com listings, complete with an address and phone number.

If all else fails, call 411. In the rare occurrence that an Internet or phone book search doesn't yield a company's address, you can always pick up the phone and dial 411 in the United States. Be warned: A small fee is usually associated with the service.