Photocopiers are used everyday in the business world. As with any other machine, you must perform regularly scheduled maintenance on a photocopier to ensure maximum performance. The photocopier drum is the heart of your photocopier. The photocopier drum uses high intensity light, causing the photocopier drum to conduct electricity. Some photocopier drums can be cleaned while others must be replaced by the manufacturer. Here is a simple procedure to clean your photocopier drum.

Step 1.

Turn your photocopier off. Unplug your copier. Never perform any cleaning task while your copier is plugged into the electrical outlet. This protects you from electrical shock.

Step 2.

Open the photocopier door. There should be a diagram of your copier along the copier door. If not, consult your photocopier manual.

Step 3.

Locate the photocopier drum. In most photocopiers, the photocopier drum is attached to the toner cartridge. Slide the toner cartridge out of the photocopier.

Step 4.

Find the Mylar bar inside of your photocopier. The Mylar bar is a plastic or rubber blade.

Step 5.

Brush the surface of your photocopier drum using your Mylar bar. This process removes excess toner from your photocopier drum.

Step 6.

Insert your cleaned photocopier toner cartridge back inside your photocopier. Close the photocopier door, and turn your photocopier back on. Test your photocopier to ensure good copy quality.


In some cases your toner cartridge may be disposable. If this is the case, buying a new toner cartridge will eliminate your need to clean the photocopier drum.