Foot Action, a subdivision of Foot Locker, Inc., is a retail store that sells sneakers, apparel and accessories. Foot Action's typical demographic is the urban male from ages 16 to 34. Buying a Foot Action franchise is no small task. Consult with a business professional for advice. Request a Foot Action franchise prospectus.

Things You Will Need
  • Foot Locker, Inc. financial statements

  • Foot Action financial data

Starting a Foot Action Franchise

Step 1.

Analyze the company. Read all the Foot Locker financial statements. Read the items that pertain to Foot Action sales profit and losses.

Step 2.

Do your homework. Perform site inspections at various Foot Action stores. Study Foot Locker's franchise agreement. Note any areas of concern.

Step 3.

Get legal and any other professional advice. Have professionals go over paperwork so that you're clear of misconceptions and to ensure your business interests are protected.

Step 4.

Interview a Foot Action franchiser. Ask questions. Get a feel for Foot Action policies and standards.

Step 5.

Write your business plan. Secure financing for your Foot Action franchise. Are you getting capital from other investors or are you investing in your Foot Action franchise alone?

Step 6.

Negotiate your buying terms with your team of professionals and the Foot Action franchiser.

Step 7.

Receive the proper training to begin your Foot Action franchise once an agreement is reached.