It may be difficult to attract customers to your cafe or coffee shop because of competing cafes, but there are still ways to make your establishment stand out from the rest. Coffee shops and cafes are popping up on every street corner, but consider your location and what type of place will attract new and keep old customers.

Step 1.

Offer free wireless connection.

Nowadays nearly everyone has a laptop with built in wireless routers and nearly everyone with a laptop loves going to a cafe or coffee shop where they can surf the web, get work done, and enjoy a nice cup of joe. Investing in a reliable wireless internet connection for your cafe is a surefire way to attracts customers such as students, freelancers, or business people who need a place outside of the office to meet. Don't forget to advertise that you have free wireless internet so that potential customers driving by or walking by can take note.

Step 2.

Get some more electrical outlets.

Laptops are like an extension of one's body if one is a student or freelancer, but sometimes outlets are hard to come by - especially when you want to spend hours working without worrying that your laptop battery may die. Having plenty of electrical outlets available is a great way to attract customers to your cafe or coffee shop. You may think this is counterproductive because customers may stay longer, taking up valuable space, but that is the wrong way to think. Active and busy cafes are attractive to potential customers because it shows that your business has a lot of patronage, so others realize that you must be doing something right.

Step 3.

Have a clean bathrooms.

Besides whether the coffee is good, there are a few things one remembers about cafe and coffee shops: wireless connection availability, overall vibe and atmomsphere, and bathroom maintenance. Keeping your facilities clean and restocked will keep your customers happy and coming back. It should only take a few minutes throughout the day for staff to check on bathroom maintenance, but those few minutes can be crucial in attracting and keeping customers.

Step 4.

Offer more than just coffee.

Small sandwiches, salads, fruits, and other snack items are a great way to boost sales and keep hungry customers happy. More and more cafes are offering lunch options for their customers and for good reason. If your customers are staying to study or do work online, they will eventually need to eat something - now instead of leaving, they can just purchase something there without disturbing their work and everybody wins!