How to Obtain Government Help for Small Businesses

by Contributor; Updated September 26, 2017

Many small business owners find themselves needing help to get their vision off the ground, or in the first few years of operation. Government assistance, whether at the local, state or federal level, can be valuable in helping a small business take off and thrive.

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Visit the U.S. Small Business Administration at The SBA is a federal government organization designed to help small businesses grow and thrive. This organization can provide you with information to help start and expand your business. The SBA can help you write your small business plan, structure your business, guide you through business and tax law and explain financing. The SBA also provides information on the latest small business loans and grants. The SBA does not provide financial assistance directly but they can help put you in contact with organizations and individuals who do.

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Apply for a federal grant on Federal grants are often issued to help furnish small businesses with the things they need to succeed when the business owner does not have the finances to furnish these things alone. According to its website, " was established as a governmental resource named the E-Grants Initiative, part of the President's 2002 Fiscal Year Management Agenda to improve government services to the public." The website allows you to search and apply for grants using keywords, so you can find grants suited to your direct needs.

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Look into state and local funding available from each respective government. Some city and county governments, and most state governments, offer funding programs available to aid in the start-up of small businesses. These programs include grants and micro-loans. Contact your local and state governments to see if there is any small business funding available in your specific area. This information might even be included in the information you receive when you file for your business tax ID number, licensing and permits.

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